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Types of advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular and important social media platforms for companies and personal brands. It is not only a place to build business relationships, but also an excellent tool to promote the company and its services. From the following article, you will learn about advertising opportunities on LinkedIn that will help your company achieve business success.

Where to start?

The first step in running a campaign on LinkedIn is to define clear goals. The questions you should ask yourself are: What do you expect from the campaign? Do you want to increase brand awareness, generate leads, attract new customers, or be more visible in your industry? Defining goals is key to effective campaigning. This will also be key in creating a brief for the media house that will carry out the activities.

Working with a good media agency, you don't have to worry about setting up a brand profile. Everything will be done for you by a professional team that will also develop a dedicated media strategy.

If you are looking for professional content marketing to be published on your company website, we recommend that you apply to a creative agency that will prepare a personalized publication calendar for you. You decide how many posts you want to publish per month. A good creative agency will suggest the optimal number of publications, and after analyzing the first actions, will indicate which posts work best on your profile.

What to publish to promote?

When publishing content on LinkedIn, consider paid campaigns. Without it, most of your activities will go unnoticed, especially if you are just building your brand. A good media house will optimize campaigns to make them as effective as possible. Remember, however, that not every published post or content can be promoted. One such exception is sharing posts or publishing articles. LinkedIn, unlike popular social media platforms, has specific dimensions for posts that can be promoted. It often happens that a classic post cannot be promoted because of minor errors in graphics. Good creative agencies will prepare material for you according to your needs and service requirements.

What can you count on?

At a good media house, a trained team of specialists will advise you and create a dedicated media plan, which will show what types of campaigns will be suitable for your brand to achieve the desired goal. Below are opportunities for paid support:

  • Brand awareness - tell more people about your products, services, company or LinkedIn event.

  • Site visits - select this goal to get more people to visit the landing page on or off the LinkedIn site.

  • Interactions - increase the amount of interaction with your publications.

  • Video views - this goal will allow you to increase the number of views of your published video.

  • Generate leads - choose this goal if you want to get more quality leads on LinkedIn.

  • Site conversions - if you want to increase the number of purchases, registrations or downloads.

  • Candidates - tell others about relevant job opportunities in your company and promote your job offers.

If you are wondering which advertising target will be most suitable for your company, or would like to implement a professional media plan for your media efforts, contact us. We will answer your questions and prepare a dedicated media strategy


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