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What do consumers expect these days?

Consumer awareness is growing every year. The demands placed on companies today are often impossible or very difficult to meet. Because of this, we are witnessing the demise of many smaller companies (although this is sometimes true of the larger ones as well), which, over time, have been unable to adapt to commonly held norms and standards. The Polish Trade Network Lewiatan conducted a survey "Consumer Expectations," which revealed what business activities Polish consumers pay attention to. And there are quite a few, as of the 14 factors surveyed, 12 were rated as very important by 70% of consumers.

Price and regionalism

The first element that defines consumer expectations is price and locality. The value of the product is to be lower, while its quality is to be as high as possible - 82% of respondents stressed the importance of this issue. This is a very difficult aspect to meet, most often the price increases in proportion to the quality. For consumers, promotions and discounts are also welcome to encourage them to buy a product, as evidenced by 75.5% of customers responding yes. Nevertheless, as 76% of respondents declare, the locality of production plays a big role. Often customers choose to pay a higher price if a product comes from a local company or features the "Made in Poland" category. Supporting local communities is also an important element, as 73% of respondents declare. That's why regional companies that give smaller communities a place to work and a steady financial income are so important.

Employee vs. employer

In addition to the local factor, more and more consumers are paying attention to the working conditions offered by the employer. Good pay, respected hourly standards, decent conditions for the employee - as many as 81% of respondents said this was important to them. Once again, this is a factor that affects the price of the product, however, Poles believe it is integral to the development of the labor market and to catch up with the standards that prevail in other Western market countries.

Environmental protection

Zero waste and ecology - these topics are also being addressed in the public discussion of consumer expectations. It is important for companies to be sensible with their budgets, which include recycled products, for example. Moreover, the emphasis is on not wasting food, which is supported by as many as 79% of customers. All of these have an impact on the planet, animals or simply the well-being of people, 75% of respondents answered.

Healthy to be!

The final element is the flow of information and education, which have a positive impact on people and the environment. For example, it is the promotion of healthy living, taking care of mental health, good nutrition, style and lifestyle, which is important to 70.5% of respondents.

How to meet it?

In this difficult period of prevailing pandemic, inflation and war in our neighbors, these expectations are less and less realistic to meet. The conditions faced by small businesses in particular do not allow most of the above-mentioned consumer desires to be realized. Expectations are high, however, this nevertheless has a positive impact on growing companies. This is a kind of motivation, so that employees feel stimulated to look for new and innovative solutions to get at least minimally closer to the expectations set by customers. Nevertheless, everyone, to the best of his or her own ability, tries to meet all the goals and objectives, so that not only the recipients will be satisfied, but also the economy and the planet will be positively affected.


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