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How is Facebook's Conversion API different from Pixel? And which of these tools will soon be a thing of the past? How quantifiable is Facebook and is its effectiveness in sales, including e-commerce, really that high? Join us for a conversation on these and many other topics related to Poland's continually most popular social network. How specifically can we support you with Facebook advertising campaigns:

  • We will audit your existing campaigns and suggest solutions to increase their effectiveness.
  • We will design a dedicated campaign architecture taking into account real brand goals and opportunities within the Facebook advertising ecosystem.
  • We will discuss the entire conversion path with you to make sure that valuable traffic acquired on Facebook is properly managed.
  • We will implement all the necessary analytical tools to verify the quality of the acquired traffic.
  • We will help you set up the profile correctly and operate it technically.
  • We will propose (in cooperation with Jump Agency) a plan for the development of content on your brand's profile and create specific examples of where the narrative could go in the social medium.
  • We will support in the automation of processes on Facebook, for example, in the form of implementation of a chatbot.


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