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Marketing communication strategy

How do you properly plan your advertising budget for a quarter, six months or the next year? Can the assumed marketing goals be achieved with the planned communication activities? In a dynamic world, how do you be prepared to have to modify or implement completely new activities from day to day? We will be happy to tell you about our experience and support you in creating an effective and real data-driven communication strategy for your brand How specifically can we help in this area:

  • We will analyze your brand's business and marketing challenges in detail so that we can recommend ways to achieve your goals with full knowledge.
  • We will prepare a market and competitive analysis using independent research and expert opinion.
  • Justify the appropriate timing and length of planned communication activities.
  • We will select communication channels, tools and platforms that will effectively increase sales of your products and positively impact brand value.
  • We will propose methods for evaluating the effectiveness of activities and verifying that investments in advertising activities bring the expected results.
  • We will help you plan your advertising budget in detail and create an accurate schedule of all activities.
  • We will ensure consistency across all activities and entities working for your brand, whether they are doing SEO, social media or creating spots.


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