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In our business, we rely on competence and timeless knowledge, which we are also very eager to share. On our blog you will find articles on both the absolute basics and advanced issues from the world of marketing and media.

What do consumers expect these days?

Consumer awareness is growing every year. The demands placed on companies today are often impossible or very difficult to meet. Because of this, we are witnessing the demise of many smaller companies (although this is sometimes true of the larger ones as well), which, over time, have been unable to adapt to commonly held norms […]

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How to use Google to increase traffic to stationary stores?

The rapid growth of e-commerce is probably no longer a surprise to anyone. Every year, more and more companies are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by applications or websites designed for e-commerce. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the growth of online stores, this does not mean that traditional trade is in decline. […]

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